Bed Retailer combines location data with Admessenger to boost sales by 50%.

In this blog we explore how we leveraged our exclusive mobile data partnership with Twenty Ci , the buyhavioural experts, to deliver a sales uplift strategy for a well known bed retailer.

The Challenge

As cookie data becomes more scarce advertisers are turning to contextual targeting to ensure their messages are seen by the right audience. For our bed retailer reaching their audience of homeowners at just the right time is crucial. They know that a large proportion of their sales are made to people who are about to move, or have recently moved. The challenge is identifying these households and communicating to them effectively at the right time.

Admessenger Location Strategy

We know that consumers spend hours on their phones daily making Admessenger the ideal platform to reach them. Admessenger’s partnership with Twenty Ci unlocks the retailer’s audience through the context of location. Twenty Ci know when a household is about to move, or has just moved into their new home. This enables us to geo-target high impact Admessages accurately to the most relevant households.

To test the efficacy of Admessenger the campaign was designed with controlled and exposed audiences that were demographically matched. The controlled group received Direct Mail communication only. Whilst the exposed group were targeted with Admessages in the week prior to receiving the same Direct mail.


When their sales data was analysed the retailer saw a 50% sales uplift from the areas where Direct Mail was combined with Admessages vs the areas were just DM was delivered. Admessages clearly had a significant multiplier effect when combined with DM.

Download our full guide to buyhavioural targeting with Admessenger

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