Four Tips for Targeting the Property Market

Property is a hugely important sector of the UK economy and it’s not just property sales and renting. A further £26bn is spent by homemovers on non-transactional costs associated with moving including white goods, furniture, soft furnishings, extensions and kitchens to name but a few.  In this blog we examine the pitfalls and the solutions to marketing to this incredibly valuable sector.

In the past, homebuyers and renters would register directly with estate agents, but the rise of online property platforms such as OpenRent, Rightmove and PrimeLocation, has disrupted the market. They’ve made it easier for estate agents, businesses and property service companies to access renters, buyers and landlords. But, it’s a very crowded market, and it can be difficult to achieve cut through. Advertising budgets must be managed carefully, ensuring that marketing efforts are targeted to the right audience and wasted spend avoided. That’s why Admessenger has partnered with TwentyCi to offer highly effective mobile advertising using unique data, insights and engaging solutions to target landlords, homebuyers, renters and homeowners in precisely the right locations at the right time, with messaging that’s relevant. 

TwentyCi is a specialist property data and analytical agency. Our exclusive mobile partnership enables us to accurately deliver Admessages to incredibly valuable audiences such as Movers, Pre Movers, Landlords and those likely to list their house for sale. We make it easy for estate agents, housebuilders, retailers, insurance companies and many others to reach their audiences. In this article, we’ll share some of our top tips for targeting these hard to reach audiences.

How Do You Target Landlords?

Landlords are notoriously difficult to reach. They tend to be extremely busy people often managing their own property portfolio whilst working a full-time job. Increasingly they rely on outsourcing to estate agents and property management companies. Yet, finding the right company isn’t always easy. It’s a crowded marketplace and messaging can be confusing. Search ads can be a good way to reach landlords seeking property management services, but only if you can rank at the top of the results. But, it can be difficult and expensive to rank, especially if you’re a local business competing against the budgets of nationwide property management companies.

Alternatives such as traditional Leafleting are largely ineffective ways of finding landlords. A lack of targeting means most printed advertisements aren’t relevant to the majority of people who see them. So what is the alternative? Digital advertising can be effective if you utilise the right data to find audiences and then analyse insights to further tailor your approach.

That’s why AdMessenger has partnered with TwentyCi. By combining their data and our GPS-driven targeting, we can serve Admessages not only to landlords but to landlords with property in your location. How? Twenty Ci identify the residential location of landlords associated with properties in a specific area. They supply lat long coordinates to guide our Admessages to their location with the minimum of overlap to adjacent addresses. This dramatically cuts back on wasted adspend and maximises the chance of a landlord seeing your creative.

But it’s not just accurate targeting that make Admessages a highly effective solution, it’s the delivery too. This is because people tend to scan read as they rapidly scroll through content on their phones. They are more likely to engage with a scrolling Admessage, because it’s delivered in a way that mirrors breaking news and therefore garners attention. We see this borne out in significantly higher click through rates. 

How Do You Target Homebuyers?

Many prospective homebuyers turn to online sales and rental platforms, such as Rightmove, PrimeLocation and OpenRent for property searches. But just like Search advertising competition on these portals can be fierce and stand out difficult to achieve, particularly for the smaller companies providing the property-related services that homebuyers and renters require when moving such as insurance, surveying, removals and conveyancing. 

There are also homebuyers who may not be using property search sites at all. Increasingly buyers have decided to take time out from the market given uncertainty around the UK economy and recent mortgage rate rises. However, they may still be receptive to developers with incentives that might encourage them to reappraise. This is where targeted advertising outside of the property portals becomes effective.

Admessenger recently embarked on a campaign with Chap Homes who wanted to raise awareness of  their Countesswells development with prospective buyers. Combining Admessages with TwentyCi’s technology, we were able to identify and communicate directly with active premovers around the development location. Chap Homes Sales supervisor said of the campaign “Once the Admessage campaign kicked in we saw enquiries and viewings rise dramatically!”

Targeted advertising for homebuyers is a game-changer for property developers. It has the power to drive vested and passive buyers directly to property developers without needing to rely on housing market platforms. This enables property developers to bypass the competition and instead talk directly to their target market, in a way that allows them to showcase their properties without limitations or added costs.

Effective Targeting for Local Councils

Local councils have significant responsibilities in the housing market. They need to communicate with tenants, buyers, landlords, housebuilders and property developers to ensure everyone is aware of their obligations and changes in property-related legislation. With budgets under pressure, reaching the right people quickly and cost effectively is paramount.

Take the changes in EPC rating standards that will be affecting the rental market in 2025. Local councils need to ensure all local landlords, tenants, energy efficiency companies, surveyors and property management companies are aware that a minimum EPC rating of C will soon be required in order to let a property. Communicating these changes can be challenging for local councils, but with Admessanger’s GPS-driven data-enhanced targeting from TwentyCi, we can relay essential information, to those who need to know, with high speed and efficiency.

Targeting the Home Improvement Market

Finally we turn our attention to the Home improvement market. Demand in this sector is likely to be high over the next few years. The rising cost of energy is driving many homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient, whether through improving home insulation, making repairs or through installing more sustainable energy solutions such as solar panels or heat pumps. Additionally, with an unstable market, many UK homeowners may be less inclined to move, preferring to make home improvements that enable them to stay where they are, such as adding conservatories, replacing doors and windows or even building an extension.

The challenge for advertising home improvement services has always been a lack of information. Companies can compete to get their clients listed in the right Google searches, but outside of SEO most online advertising in the home improvement sector adopts a scattergun approach.

But there’s an answer: our partnership with TwentyCi, Admessenger uses data unique to individual homes to ensure our client’s adverts only appear to owner-occupied homes. Furthermore we know hundreds of specific attributes about a home. So, for example, we can exclude homes that already have the attributes that clients specialise in, such as conservatories and/or solar panels, and can include homes that don’t, making them ideal for our clients’ services.

Here are just a few of the property characteristics that we can either include or exclude:

  • Conservatories
  • Solar panels
  • Extensions
  • Electric car charges
  • New driveways and patios
  • Floors and carpets
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Damp proofing and rendering
  • Gardens and lawns

If you are targeting those selling or buying houses, the home improvement market or finding landlords, then Admessenger partnership with TwentyCi is a highly effective way to get your client’s messaging in front of the right people. 

To find out more about how Admessenger can help you gain more targeted visibility in the property sector, view our guide on targeting property audiences.

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